Earth Insight and global partners call attention to the expansion threats posed by fossil fuel, mining, and other industrial expansion in the world’s last intact remaining tropical forests in the basins of the Amazon, Congo, and Mekong-Borneo Southeast Asian regions.

The vital forests and riverine ecosystems that span the Amazon, Congo, and Borneo-Mekong Southeast Asian basins are natural and cultural wonders that are critical for the maintenance of biodiversity and climate stability. Their preservation is essential for Indigenous and local communities who call them home and for the future of humanity. The first cut is the deepest, and the expansion of fossil fuel, mining, commercial logging or agriculture industries all initiate a cascade of deforestation and forest degradation that follow.

This report offers a stark look at the looming threats from the expansion of these industries by examining where oil and gas, mining, and other industrial concessions overlap with Undisturbed Tropical Moist Forests (often primary forests and key biodiversity areas and hereafter referred to as “intact tropical forests”).

Click here to download the Three Basins Threat Report by Earth InSight.