The JPIC Database is a living resource that serves as a reservoir of concrete commitments of the Society of the Sacred Heart as it endeavours to live Justice, Peace, and Integrity of Creation (JPIC). It is nourished and kept alive by contributions from RSCJ, associates, collaborators, and colleagues from the 44 countries where the Society is present. Together we continue to write the pages of our shared JPIC story...


  • Informative:
    extensive overview of JPIC endeavours in places where we serve
  • A blend of quantity and quality:
    combination of qualitative information and helpful statistics
  • Collaborative and shared by the community:
    shaped and nourished by contributions from across the Society
  • Accessible:
    user-friendly, easy to navigate, responsive administrators


  • To share:
    our JPIC stories, our dreams, and our commitments
  • To strengthen:
    our resolve to live JPIC as “One Body”
  • To invite:
    collaboration, social discernment, and ongoing research
  • To document:
    our JPIC history as it evolves and develops across different contexts


  • Transparency:
    clear and organized content that is shared openly with others
  • Accountability:
    based on actual and genuine JPIC efforts on the ground
  • Engagement:
    snapshots of how our JPIC heart is translated into projects and action
  • Humanity:
    ​​​​​a sign of care towards others



  • Overview:
    background, key activities. action, and achieved result
  • People being served:
    groups of stakeholders, age range, and number of participants
  • Schedule:
    duration of projects, both ongoing and completed
  • Support documents:
    additional information, like photos, website links, and reports

Our living memory

Expressed in varying ways and lived distinctly according to our different contexts and cultures, our commitment to JPIC has been an integral aspect of our life and mission of the Society of the Sacred Heart. The JPIC Database records these different efforts. Use the timeline below to explore more about the JPIC Database over the years.

Our JPIC document, Being Artisans of Hope in Our Blessed and Broken World, closes with these lines:

This document…. does not represent a conclusion, but rather another new beginning where we now give life to the imperatives in the next phase of this JPIC journey: that of living together the call to be artisans of hope in our blessed and broken world. Together, with hope and in Cor Unum, we shall write the next pages of this JPIC story...

This JPIC Database is at the service of all of us who are writing “the next pages of this JPIC story.”